When it comes to quality and performance, ITR rubber tracks and pads are at the forefront of the market. In 2020, the ITR Usco group sold over 77,000 rubber tracks through their global distribution centres. The production of all ITR rubber tracks and pads follow a stringent manufacturing process to ensure that all products meet the groups' high standards for performance and reliability.

The entire manufacturing process starts with the selection of the best raw materials. The rubber compound is specific to the application of the machine, as specific properties are required to ensure performance in the field. The steel cable used is continuously wound, not joined. Unlike many other alternatives that you find in the market, ITR manufactures their steel cables to the highest possible break strain.

ITR's stringent quality control measures are the reason that the group can achieve a result of less than 0.5% reported faults over the last two years.


When it comes to warranty support, ITR Pacific provides an industry-leading, full replacement warranty for all Rubber Tracks, Steel Tracks and Rubber Pads. All Excavator Rubber Tracks have a 24-month warranty, Compact and Multi-Terrain Loader Tracks have a 12-month warranty, and Steel Tracks & Rubber Pads also have a 12-month warranty.

All products are covered by the manufacturers' warranty, so you can be sure you are protected against any potential manufacturing defects that could lead to a failure of your tracks or pads.

In the event of a possible defect, you can find ITR's Warranty Guide in the important documents folder below or alternatively, you can contact the team directly on 1300 820 214 and they will be sure to provide you with the support you need to keep you working.


When it comes to product support, the team at ITR Pacific are here to help. Not everyone has access to a qualified mechanic or technical specialist when they run into problems with their mini excavator or skid steer loader, which is why ITR Pacific have a team of Mini Undercarriage specialists with over 50 years of experience available to support all their customers.

If you are having trouble fitting your rubber tracks or pads, or maybe it is simply just your first time, don't stress the team are here to help you, just give them a call.

ITR Pacific also offer on-site installation with all rubber track purchases to help take the stress and hassle out of doing it yourself, as well as rubber pat fitments.




For more information, contact your local ITR Branch today on 1300 820 214