The ITR Breakers line is entirely designed, manufactured, and assembled in Italy. This range offers two kinds of breakers: MonoBlack and NitroWhite.

The ITR MonoBlack breaker, that is noticeably quiet thanks to the polyurethane coating, distinguish itself for its monobloc steel body without tie rods that makes the breaker’s maintenance quick and easy. Furthermore, the monobloc structure and the increased hydraulic brake significantly decrease the risk of breakage and maintenance costs, allowing the total cost of ownership to be reduced.

The ITR MonoBlack breaker is available from 60 kg to 950 kg and is compatible for use with up to 14-ton machines. The ITR NitroWhite breaker ensures greater impact force at a constant speed thanks to the internal control valve system. This breaker permits the manual frequency/power variation to avoid blank strokes. The ITR NitroWhite breaker represents the best balance between performance, reliability, and convenience.

The ITR NitroWhite breaker is available from 70 kg to 10.000 kg and is compatible for use with up to 140-ton machines.

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