ITR Meccanica

The Company was establsihed in the late 1960's and since 1970 has focused its main production on both the AMK and OEM market segments. in 2003 Usco acquired the Italian manufacturer, at that time a key player in the international market. Further capital investment ensured the 7000 sqm facility, together with experienced staff, boasts an annual production capacity of 60,000 ITR pumps per annum.


Founded in the first half of 2000, Korea Undecarriage Track Co. Ltd (KUT) has been a strategic partner of Usco since 2005. KUT manufactures chains, shoes and sement groups at its plant in Jinju, South Korea and supplies both primary OEM and AMK customers. Usco owns 100% of the company.

The product mix in the Korean company's range is among the most complete and includes products for the European, American and Asian Markets in equal proportion. KUT has over the years obtained several international quality certifications.

Track One

Founded in 2005, Track One focused its attention on the study, design and realisation of bespoke track frames for the most varied applications. From its brand new plant in Modena, Track One serves a growing number of OEM's worldwide, marrying the quality of the ITR components with the production experience and design expertise of its Engineering department, this is the real nerve centre of the Company.

Track One China

This assemply and distribution centure was opened in 2010 to serve better the emerging markets of the eastern parts of the world. The Company has recently re-located to Ningbo, in the Zhejiang province.


Hualong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd is situated in Shandong province in the north of China. From the outset the Chinese-Korean Company, with its annexed foundry, has supplied the primary OEM's and since 2007 has been one of the centres of excellence of the Usco manufacturing network. In 2008 Hualong moved to the new plant in the EDZ of Yantai and with a capacity of 12,000 tonnes per annum manufactures sprockets and idlers under the ITR brand name.


Synonomous with quality througout the world, BYG, provides manufacturing capcity as well as technical know how to ensure that both the BYG and ITR brand in the GET market is amongst the best in the world.

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